3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Leather

Celebrate 3 happy years together with bespoke leather anniversary gifts. In keeping with tradition, these...

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Design Your Own Leather Anniversary Gifts

Once you've hit 3 years, you should know by now how durable your marriage is. You've tested the waters and discovered your boundaries, so it's no wonder why leather is the traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gift. It's strong, flexible and resilient, that gains more character and appeal over time. These leather anniversary ideas are the perfect way to show your spouse that you're only going to get stronger as time goes on.

Be inspired by these leather anniversary gift ideas and design something that's totally unique to your own relationship.

Leather Anniversary Gifts for Him


Let your man manage his money in style with this personalised leather wallet. Whilst you might think a wallet is too 'traditional', this one is printed with your unique photos and messages. The fabric develops an authentic cracked patina over time that just oozes distinguished character. A smart, sophisticated, well-made wallet can tell a person a lot about the man, so make sure he impresses at all times with a beautifully printed wallet featuring a wedding photo or quote about love and relationships.


Improve your husband's gym sessions with a brand new leather holdall to keep all his kit and equipment. It's a bag he'll be using either daily or several times a week, and let's face it, we all want to look good when we go to the gym. Printed with your photo on both sides, it's a beautiful gift that is sure to turn heads in the changing room. What's more, it can also be used for romantic weekends away; a perfect way to celebrate 3 years of wedded bliss.

iPad case

Although you'd probably prefer if your husband spent less time on his gadgets, the personalised leather iPad case will obviously go down extremely well as a 3rd anniversary gift for him. Whether he's gaming or using it for business, if it's printed with memories from your past 3 years, at least he'll be reminded of you. Also, it has extra sentiment in that the case is designed to protect, something you both agreed to do for eachother in your vows.

Leather Anniversary Gifts for Her


What girl doesn't like shopping? Spoil your wife on this special anniversary with a gorgeous leather handbag, perfect for those weekend afternoons spent musing around town. Printed with your photos, memories or messages, it's a totally original third year anniversary gift that shows how much you know her. To make the day all about your wife, let her open the gift in the morning and then surprise her with a fun day of shopping. Go for brunch, have a mooch around her favourite shops and then spend the evening reminiscing over your wedding day.


For makeup and beauty product addicts, the customised leather washbag is a real gem. It's an ideal size for hand luggage, so you could escape for the weekend and gift her with this gorgeous accessory. Wherever you are in the world, make sure she can keep her skin looking flawless and her toiletries kept safe in her very own leather anniversary washbag.


All the book loving ladies out there – and we mean lovers of proper, classic paper books – need the personalised leather bookmark in their lives. A simple but elegant 3rd anniversary gift for her, you'll always be in her 'good books' for choosing such a unique present. As they come in a set of 3, you could print a photo from your 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of marriage on each one respectively, showing the journey of how far you've come.

Design your own unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts and preserve your memories for a lifetime.