Personalised Bags & Accessories Range

Our exclusive personalised bags & accessories are beautifully handmade and make gorgeous gifts for any occasion, from girls' nights out to holidays.
Personalised Bags

Exclusive range of personalised bags and accessories

This is where Bags of Love all began. Using only the finest materials, our artisan experts lovingly make your personalised bags by hand, with care for each individual stitch to produce the best possible finish. From clutch bags printed with photos of all the girls to personalised kids' bags for school, there's a bag for every occasion. Ever since we started producing bespoke bags in 2003, we've harboured a great sense of pride surrounding our specialist printing process and traditional craftsmanship. Working with quality fabrics such as Italian Nappa leather, lustrous satin, patent vinyl, and faux suede, your personalised bags are beautifully constructed and have a lifetime guarantee.

Design your own bags for all occasions

Whether you need personalised bags for girls and boys to keep their ballet shoes in, or personalised bags for boys and girls so they can keep muddy boots away from clean clothes, everything is built from scratch giving you a truly bespoke photo gift. Our accessories are no different and it's why we're able to offer such a variety of gifts in different fabrics, sizes, and other product options. Personalised bags are perfect gifts for your friends and family and we make them with impressively speedy turnaround and fast delivery, so even if you're a 'last minute' type of person, we've got you covered.

Personalised bags and accessories handmade to order

We make everything by hand in our onsite facility. We use a variety of top-of-the-range printing techniques to ensure that we use the best method for the product which you've chosen. From a 3D wrap print for phone cases to a modern digital printing method specifically developed for printing on leather for bags and purses, we have the ideal technique for each and every product.

Ever expanding range

We are constantly adding to our existing ranges and we have heavily invested in our personalised bags range - after all, it's where Bags of Love started! With a new range of leathers and highly trained technicians using state-of-the-art methods, you can design your own bags and have them handmade to order using exclusive patterns. From handbags to tote bags and messenger bags to backpacks, we have a huge variety. Whether you're looking for a beach bag or boot bag, a clutch or a crossbody, our bags are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials including some of our newest high-quality leathers. We have a strict quality control department which ensures that everything is of the highest standards before being sent to you.

No more middlemen

Because we make everything on site, to order, you can rest assured that your personalised bags and laptop/tablet/phone accessories are not only made to the highest standard but that they're created with a fast turnaround exactly the way you want. Our user-friendly design interface allows you to see exactly what your product will look like, and it updates in real time so that you can preview any changes you make before you submit your order; so when it comes to making personalised bags and accessories, put your trust in Bags of Love - the experts.