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  • Printed Heat Transfer Paper

Printed Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper

Printed Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper

Heat Transfer Paper Printing

from $24.00

Pre printed transfer paper for designers, students and fashion creatives. No minimums. Whether you are making one small textile print, or a few metres, we are a reliable and fast solution for your pre printed heat transfer paper. Transfer paper is pale once printed, and should not be colour compared until heat pressed onto the material when it will come to life accurately.

  • Ready in 1 - 2 day(s)

  • Delivery $13.90

  • Handmade

Heat Transfer Paper For Sublimation

  • For polyester fabric and rigid substrate
  • Available from A4 to 100s of metres
  • Ideal for dye sublimation fabric
  • For professional printing
  • Ready to press, no minimums
  • Generous quantity discounts

If you need pre printed heat transfer paper for image transfer to textile or other substrate we can do it professionally within hours.

If your own printers have broken down, and you need a paper printing service company then we can help fill the gap. We run many wide format printers using the best available transfer papers and the highest quality inks for best processing in dye sublimation available. Student discount available on sight of Student ID and college details (use chat below to apply).
  • Available in set test sizes (A5,A4, and A1)
  • Long-run custom sizes available
  • Textile transfer paper or super dry paper
  • Can be used for textiles or rigids dependant on choice
  • Printed with your design super-fast

Ordering Instructions For Printed Dye Sub Transfer Paper

You will be offered two types of printed paper (an important choice) of either textile or rigid super dry substrate paper. Textile paper is self explanatory - you might be printing fabric or t shirts for example. Rigid or Super Dry paper is for hard objects that accept sublimation printing. Use our on-line system to upload your image and size. Please double check your dimensions and paper type choice before proceeding to payment as normally your transfer paper will be printed within 1 hour of placing your order.

Notes:  We offer a textile transfer paper (max 159cm wide) and a hard surface transfer paper (max 109cm width), for rigid flat surfaces.

  • Upload image the way you want it to appear on the finished product. Transfer paper will be automatically mirrored for you to press. We automatically mirror - you do not need to do this. Finish your design as you want to see it printed.
  • Use transfer paper between 180°C - 205°C. Time may vary between 50-110 secs.
  • Always experiment on a small piece to ensure the fabric or paper does not melt or scorch
  • Ideal for polyester fabrics / substrate only
  • Our transfer paper is not wet decal transfer paper. Our paper is for use in a heat press only.

Transfer paper works best on white fabric, if you use an alternative fabric your colours will be impacted. The print will still transfer, however you will find that the colours are not a perfect reproduction. The white area on the transfer paper is plain, there is no ink or dye to transfer onto the material. This means that any area which you leave white on your design will appear the colour of the material that you are using.

Disclaimer: As stated above, our transfer paper is designed for use in a heat press only, if you choose to use it at home with an iron or an alternative press, we advise you to do so at your own risk. The conditions for perfect image transfer are delicate, and many factors need to be considered, such as fabric, temperature, pressure and positioning etc. Suffice it to say, if you're using the papers at home, you are accepting the risks that accompany it.

A note about the colours of your design on our Transfer Paper: Please be aware that your design will look slightly dull on the transfer paper. However, this is not representative of how your finished pressed fabric will look. Once the ink has been heat transferred to your fabric the inks will brighten and match your original design. Don’t worry, your design will look great.

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