Personalised Beer Mat

Personalised Beer Mat

Personalised Beer Runner

from $59.00

Pour yourself a cold frosty beer and keep those spills at bay with your new personalised beer mat. This custom beer mat is the perfect way to keep your tabletop clean, as well as adding a fun touch of personality. There is no minimum order for your cool beer mats. Featuring a non-slip rubber backing and a printable surface, you can add photos, text, designs or anything else you want to your mat.

  • Ready same day.

    If ordered before 8pm Mon-Fri

  • Delivery $13.90

  • Handmade

Personalised Beer Mat Printing

  • Personalised beer runner
  • Black rubber mat backing
  • Available in three sizes
  • White printable 2mm thick mat
  • No minimum orders
  • 3 year guarantee

Whether you own a pub, a home bar (lucky thing) or just enjoy the occasional beer, your new personalised beer mat is a great way to show off your personality while protecting your furniture at the same time.

This beer mat makes a great talking point for customers or guests, and has the unique ability to be printed with anything you like. With 3 sizes to choose from, and a high quality non-slip rubber base, this personalised beer runner is just the thing your pint is missing. There are no minimum orders required when you design your own beer mat. This is ideal for anyone looking order just 1 or 2 mats to add that pub feel to their home bar.
  • No minimum order
  • 2mm thick mat
  • 3 size options
  • Stylish and functional rectangular shape
  • Fully printable surface
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Durable beer mat
  • Print with designs, text, logos or artwork
  • Perfect for bars, pubs or at home
  • Handmade to order
  • 3 year guarantee 

Care instruction

For the everyday care of your new purchase, yours is a deceptively hardy material which is a bit tougher than it looks! To get the most out of your product, make sure you stick to these simple wash and care instructions and it should stay soft, colourful and happy.

  • Wash At 30°C
  • Tumble 1
  • Hang Dry
  • No Wring
  • Low Heat


  • Small: 22.5 x 41.5cm (printing area 20 x 39cm)
  • Medium: 22.5 x 58cm (printing area 20 x 56cm)
  • Large: 22.5 x 80.5cm (printing area 20 x 78.5cm)

Care: Rinse your personalised beer mat under water and leave to drip dry. If using a washing machine, ensure you use the low temperature setting; i.e. below 30 deg C. Look after your mat this way and the print will last for years.

What Will My Custom Beer Mat Look Like?

Beer mat printing is one of our specialities, and we can guarantee that you will love how your personalised beer mat looks and performs. Custom made to order, your beer mat will feature your prints on the front side of the mat. The surface print area is originally white, and colours, details and fine lines are produced with perfect precision in a vibrant and permanent print. The surface is bonded onto a black, non-slip rubber back. This creates the ideal base for your mat, so it stays put on the slippery surface of a bar. The mats look stylish and cool, but they are also tough and durable. The face fabric is absorbing, so troublesome spills are no issue. Cheers!

Do You Have Any Design Tips Or Ideas?

There are so many ways to have fun designing your personalised beer mat. If you have your own home bar and are looking at ways to jazz it up a bit, and give it more of that traditional pub vibe, then designing your own beer mat is a great way to go. There are no minimum runs with our mats, so you you order just 1 or 1,001. Choose from the 3 sizes and upload a design that will make you feel like you are the landlord of your own pub. Why not create a logo or name for your pub, and upload it along with a photo? This is a great way to personalise your space, while creating a unique focal point for friends and family to admire.

Who Will Love Custom Beer Mats?

Beer mats with photos and logos on them are a great gift for anyone who owns a pub...or maybe dreams about owning a pub. Because you can print photos as well as designs and text on the mat, you have the ability to make it completely bespoke to the person. Bar owners can update the look of their bar by designing beautiful, handmade beer mats. Do you know someone who heads to the pub every weekend? Design them their own mat so they can claim their favourite spot at the bar. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Quantity Discount

Like so many of our personalised gifts, your new bar mat comes with a generous quantity discount. The more you buy, the more you save. 

Make a Collage

If you can’t decide on which photo to use, you can upload multiple images and create a photo collage. This can be done using one of our pre-set montage templates, or you can create your own entirely from scratch. It’s super easy to do and the possibilities are endless.

photo collage

How to add your collage to your product

Step 1 – Click the start design button & select your product options.

Step 2 – Go to the ‘Images & Text Tools’ tab, click the ‘add images/Text’ button on your product & ‘Select Images to Upload’ or use the Facebook/Instagram tabs.

Step 3 – Choose the images you want to use for your collage, upload & select them from the uploaded photos list.

Step 4 – Click ‘Create montage’ & select your collage style.

Step 5 – Add the collage to your design.

Hints and Tips

  • The more images you add to your collage the smaller each image will be. Fewer images will be larger and give you more clarity and detail.
  • The more people in an image, the less detail there will be. If you have 10 images of a group of five friends, each person will be smaller than if you have 10 images of just one person.
  • Try to make sure that the longest side of each image is around 10 centimetres. There is a handy ruler built into the design tool to help you with this.
  • Smaller products will not be able to fit as many images as larger ones will.

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