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Personalised 13th Birthday Gifts

They grow up so fast these days, and now your child is becoming a teenager. Such a milestone birthday requires special 13th birthday gifts. Whether you are looking to buy for boys or girls, personalised 13th birthday gifts are a unique and memorable choice, that will make them feel as special as they are to you.

Personalised 13th Birthday Gifts

Kids can be impossible to buy for - especially when they have just become a teenager. Too young for certain gifts and too old for childish gifts. You need to find something that is just right. Something that they will not only be able to use, but that they will love. If you are looking for special 13th birthday presents, then you have come to the right place. At Bags of Love we specialise in making beautiful and thoughtful personalised 13th birthday gifts. Once you have chosen the perfect present, it's time to personalise it just for them. Upload family photos, photos of their friends, and maybe even a message that comes straight from your heart.

There are so many options to make their milestone leap from child to teenager extra special, that you might find it hard choosing just one. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you.

Personalised 13th Birthday Gifts For Boys

Boys are always slightly trickier to buy for than girls, but our selection of personalised gifts are sure to make even the grumpiest of teenage boys smile. 

Personalised Bomber Jacket

One thing that every teenage boy is interested in is his own personal style. For his big 13th birthday, treat him to a personalised bomber jacket. This classic jacket has been given a contemporary twist. You can customise the front, back, sleeves and even the label. The label is a great place to add a little message to your new teenage son. Design his jacket using anything from photos of his friends, to pictures of his favourite band, movie, or video game. A custom designed bomber will give him street cred and help him stand out. You can even choose the perfect fabric to suit him. 

Design Their Own Hoodie

Hoodies have to be one of the most universal fashion choices for teenage boys. Instead of getting him a hoodie that can be bought from any shop on the high street, why not design one specifically for him? This cool and stylish hoodie is made by hand. You can choose to make him a pull over or zipper style, as well as choosing the perfect sweatshirt material. When it comes to the design, there are 7 parts you can personalise, so you can make the hoodie completely bespoke for him. 

iPhone 7 Personalised Case

As is the case with most teenagers, yours most likely is glued to his precious smart phone. There isn't much we can do to bring them back to reality, but we can help you design an amazing case, that will remind them of you whenever they look at it. This sleek and stylish wrap case will protect their phone from knocks and scratches, while giving it a fresh new look. If a photo of the family isn't something that they would like printed on their phone, then how about their favourite selfie? It will give them inspiration for their next Instagram story.

Personalised 13th Birthday Gifts For Girls

Teenage girls are a whole other story to their male peers. Beauty, fashion, style, and other interests are just starting to surface, so give her a special gift to celebrate the next exciting stage in her life. 

Personalised Makeup Bag

She might have already started raiding your dressing table for lipstick and mascara. Or maybe she's already completely clued up when it comes to eyeliner and highlighter. Either way, if you're new teenager is in love with cosmetics, then a personalised makeup bag will be the perfect gift choice for her. Choose from glossy vinyl or stylish leather, upload a photo (or several) and create a bag for her to stash all of her favourite lipsticks, eyeliners and more. 

Design Leggings Just For Her

When you are a teenage girl (and let's face it, just a woman in general really), leggings are a fashion staple. They can be worn to create so many different looks and styles, and a good pair of leggings will last you years. For a special 13th birthday gift, design your teenage daughter a pair of her very own, bespoke leggings. Made from a slinky yet supportive Lycra, with three lengths to choose from. Upload photos of family and friends, her screen idol, or surprise her and use her very own artwork.

Personalised Hair Brush

Does your daughter love spending hours preening in front of the bathroom mirror? If she loves spending time brushing her hair to perfection, then treat her to a gorgeous personalised hair brush. Our brushes are gentle on hair, tough on tangles, and big on style. We print the photo or design of your choice into the glossy plastic, creating a statement look that she will love. 

Design your own personalised 13th birthday gifts for boys and girls and celebrate this special birthday in a unique way.