• Introduction

    At Bags of Love, we personalise our high-quality products, clothing and fabrics just for you. Everything is done by hand in our facility, and we keep our whole team here, from design and development to marketing, production and customer services. This makes us pretty unique, as it means that we can offer a fast turnaround on our entire range, and it cuts out any middlemen.

    Everything is made to order, one at a time. This allows us to reduce waste, and make sure that everything is made to the same outstanding quality we’re proud of. It also means that we specialise in short print runs which are perfect if you want to order in bulk, but not by the tens of thousands.

    You can sign up for a wholesale account by filling in a simple webform. Bags of Love wholesale accounts provide great discounts and money saving opportunities which are great for small advertising agencies, someone wanting to sell their own merchandise and even schools and colleges.

  • Eligibility

    Businesses or groups with their own designs, logos or content that they are ready to upload and create fantastic products with are eligible to apply for a wholesale account.

    If you want to get the best pricing, and have somewhere to sell your stock, be it from a home or office, or in a shop either online or a market, trade show or even with a store, you can sign up for a wholesale account.

    We have built our way up from a small business, and as such we are proud to be here for other small businesses too. You don’t need to have a few hundred employees to open a wholesale account with us, simply great designs and somewhere to sell them.

    Please note that you will only be able to have either a wholesale account or a student account. Signing up for the other will cancel the one that you already have.

  • Benefits

    The discounts that you qualify for with a wholesale account are tiered. These are based on the number of finished products that you order, but the best part is that they don’t have to be the same product. You can mix and match the products from our clothing and homeware section to build your order, and we will apply the discount on the combined total.

    • 1 - 10 products: 20% discount

    • 11 - 20 products: 25% discount

    • 21 - 50 products: 35% discount

    • 51+ products: 40% discount

    Fabric printing is discounted at 20% off our standard pricing, which already includes automatic quantity discounts.

    Please bear in mind as we hand make everything to order, larger orders may have slightly increased production times. If you have a deadline, we would advise chatting to our lovely custom service team before placing your order.

  • Exclusions

    Items such as large furniture and suitcases do not count towards the above tiers, they are discounted at a flat rate due to the cost of shipping. You’ll receive 20% discount on an order of a single unit and 25% if you’re ordering multiple items. You can contact us for a full list of these.

    There are a few products that don’t qualify towards the wholesale discounts, including swatch packs and test prints and items under $20. You can again contact us for a full list of these.

  • Common Queries

    How do I sign up to the discount?

    Once, you have signed up for the wholesale account, you don’t need to do anything else other than ensure that you are logged in. The wholesale discounts will automatically apply to all eligible products that you create when you’re logged in to a wholesale account.

    Do you offer drop-shipping or integrate with other sites?

    At the moment, we can fulfil your orders and either send them to you, or directly to your customer if you prefer. To do that all you need to do is enter their address as the shipping address at the checkout. We currently integrate with Shopify, and we are constantly working on improving our services in this space.

    Do I need to be an expert with a long history to sign up?

    You don’t. We started off much smaller than we are now back in 2002, and it was growth that brought us here. That’s why we are proud to support businesses from all levels.

  • Face Masks: Why don't I get a Wholesale Discount?

    They are priced as low as they can go per mask, inc taxes. Shipping is for any amount of units for premium tracked service. We are not applying any wholesale discount as they are priced as low as we can make them, but you can still easily mark-up double. We print the fabric, cut and sew it, which is good for comfortable fitting masks. Min order is one pack. Large >20 sets take longer than 10 days.