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My Order

  • How do I order?

    • Go to the Product page of your choice.
    • Make sure to read through the page as we always include useful information in them
    • Click on the "Start design" green button
    • Select options if any under the "Product Options" tab
    • Click on the "Images and Text Tools" tab to then upload pictures and/or add text
    Good to know: 
    The online interface allows you to preview your product. What you create is what we print. We do not modify your order. In some cases, our automated system can show you orange (low quality), blue (aspect ratio), green (image too small) warning signs on the design interface and if you still proceed without editing, we can check to check if we can actually print your design as it is. 
    This is to ensure the best possible print, however please be aware that these warnings are automated algorythms and cannot pick up every possible issue a design might have. As an example if an image with a 72dpi resolution has been artifically altered and its resolution increased to 300dpi, our tools cannot pick this up and the resolution of the picture will stay just as bad which is why you need to make sure the images you upload are of great (or good enough) quaity.

    Please make sure you are happy with your design. You can also contact us by Chat when we are online. We are definitely happy to help if you provide us with the pre-order number you will receive after saving your creation with the "Save Design" button on the design interface.

    Once you have placed your order, there is a window of a few minutes for you to change your order (order in the "Waiting List" or in "New Order"), after which your order will be printed and cannot be stopped.

  • Check Order Status

    You can check the status of your order here with your order number and email address to see your order summary. 

    We do advise to register an account with us ("Sign In" button on the top of our website, and then "Register") to have access to your order history and easily check your order status.

    Here are the Order Status you may encounter:
    • New Order: 
      • Your order has just been made and our system is processing it. Your can still make changes to your order by moving your order to the waiting list on your order summary.
    • Waiting List:
      • Your order is in a review status with our customer services and may require action by you.
        Production cannot be started when an order is in this status. It may be due to an image being low quality, or white space was left between images or text too close to the edge, etc. 
      • If we believe your order to be OK we will fix and continue, if in doubt, or further action is required, we will contact you.
      • If you have been asked to edit or review your design, please press the ‘Edit or View Design’ button on  your order summary. Once you have made your changes press the ‘Submit Changes’ button. Please be aware that we require your action – until then it will remain on Waiting list!
    • In Progress:
      • Printing and production has started.
      • It is unfortunately too late to make changes at this stage as we start production swiftly to honour our turnaround times to the best we can. If you have an urgent query, please Chat to us or call us and we will see what we can do to help. Please note that if the progress of your order is too advanced, we might not be able to make any changes, and if these changes are absolutely required, additional fees might apply. 

    Once you have placed your order, you can still change or cancel your order for a few minutes before the order moves into progress. Afterwards, if you wish to cancel and after checking the order status (production status, printing already started (we print at night as well) or time already spent by our customer service staff), we may apply a chargeback fee at our discretion.

  • Cancel my order

    Once you have placed your order, you can still change or cancel your order free of charge as long as your order is in the waiting list or in new order status.

    Please contact us immediately via Chat and provide your order number.

    After this time, the order is in progress at which point, if you wish to cancel, and after checking the order status (production status or time already spent by our customer service staff, transfer paper or fabrics used), we may apply a chargeback fee at our discretion.

    • Within 30 minutes: we wait 30 minutes after you place your order before we start making it. Within these 30 minutes, you are welcome to contact us if you wish to edit or if you change your mind. If you have any questions about your order or have any doubts about your design get in touch with our friendly customer service team who will be more than happy to help and can offer a full refund.
    • After 30 minutes: we handmake every product and personalise it to order, so as soon as we start production of your bespoke items, we have already invested into the ink, transfer paper, materials and the workforce time specifically for your order. This means that if you wish to cancel after 30 minutes of placing the order, a mandatory 20% charge will incur.

  • Where does Bags Of Love ship?

    We ship worldwide. Delivery costs show on each product's page. 

    If you have several products in your cart, delivery will update slightly depending on the types of products.

    To update the delivery costs in your cart:
    • Please click on "Delivery: Change" in your cart
    • Select "International Price Lookup"
    • Select your country in the list and confirm.
    Please note that when delivering outside of our country's website, custom and/or administrative fees may be due. For example if ordering on our UK website with a delivery address in the USA, custom and administration fees will be due by the recipient. Another example: when ordering on our US website with a delivery address in the Virgin Islands (part of the US but specific administrative status), extra customer & administration fee will be due by the receiver.

  • Track a shipped order

    Once your order has been hand-made by our team and handed over to one of our couriers, you will receive an automated dispatch email with details of the courier and either tracking number or shipping number. Please check your spam folder as our emails sometimes land in it. We advise you to add us to your contact list.

    If you haven't received any dispatch email, please check the status of your order here with your order number and email address to see your order summary. 

    • If the order has been dispatched you will see:
      • Your order was dispatched via "COURIER"

      • Shipping Reference : "00000..."

      • Dispatch Date: "DD/MM/YYYY"

    • If your order does not show as dispatched, please check our "Check Order Status" FAQ.

    We use various couriers depending on the delivery method you have chosen during checkout (You are offered to select a delivery method on the basket page and then reminded to select a delivery method on the payment page):

    - Deliveries are made with either Royal Mail International, TNT, DHL, FedEx economy services (1 week delivery on average) or DHL, TNT, FedEx Express services (1-3 days).

    Please contact the couriers after these timelines and after checking any online tracking available in case of attempted delivery, if you still haven't received your order:

    • DHL: 08442480844
    • Fedex UK: 08456000068 
    • Fedex International: 08456070809 
    • TNT: 0800100600
    • Royal Mail: 08457950950 
    • Parcel Force: 02476213456

    Good to know:

    • Working Days are Monday to Friday and exclude Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays
    • Production Times and Delivery Times are distinct terms:
      • Production Time: We first need to produce your order as per the average production times shown on each product page.
      • Delivery Time: when you order is handed over to the courier and delivery takes the amount of time shown above in this FAQ.
    • Tracking Reference and Shipping reference are two different terms. A tracking reference means you can track your order once shipped while a shipping reference cannot be tracked. 

  • Production and Delivery times

    Delivery times start after production ends and we usually produce within 1-2 working days (average production times show on each product's page as well). 

    International delivery usually arrive within 1 week on average. More info on delivery here.

  • No invoice in my package

    We don't include invoices in our packages throughout the UK.

    We include Customs documents when shipping outside of the EU.

  • How do I re-order?

    If you have registered an account with us here , it is very easy:
    • Log in to your account
    • Click on your Order History
    • Select the order
    • On your order summary, there will be two options:
      • Order All. Click to re-order
      • Order Partial.
        • Tick the items you wish to re-order
        • Then click on "Order Partial"

    if you don't have an account, take the order confirmation email we sent you and click on the link provided to get back to yoru order summary and re-order.

    Useful information:
    • Order 6 months to a year old: the option to re-order will not always show. Contact us by Chat with your order number so we can give you a link to your design.
    • Order over a year : check with us by  Chat with your order number as your images might not be on the server anymore.