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18th Birthday Gifts

This is such a special birthday so your unique birthday gifts have to live up to the occasion. Find the perfect presents for 18 year olds and help them celebrate this poignant coming of age. 

Personalised 18th Birthday Gifts

Turning 18 marks a huge moment in the lives of any teens; a step towards adulthood, and the time every teenager looks forward to. Make it extra special by creating unique special 18th birthday presents which will be cherished and remembered fondly for years to come and are sure to get a few laughs on their birthday night out.

18th Birthday Presents for a Girl

Treat her to a collection of gifts that serve as a rite of passage; a personalised make up bag, complete with a customised girls bracelet and even a jewellery box to complete the set. Let her embark upon the journey to womanhood in true style, and adorn the gifts with photos of her and her friends or even funny photos of her as a baby.

18th Birthday Presents for a Boy

He’s sure to spend the night out with his friends, celebrating venturing into adulthood – so make it one to remember. Customise a t-shirt or hoodie with hilarious photos from his awkward teenage years or childhood to create a nostalgic gift which is sure to bring a smile to his face. For a gift he’ll love all year round, design a pair of cufflinks featuring a memorable design with his name.